A Month of Celebration and Giving!

Lindsay GrimesOils, Premium Starter Kit

May is a month of celebration in our family.

It’s Carsen’s birthday (May 11th), our wedding anniversary (May 11th), and my birthday (May 22nd). I love the celebration of Life and everything that birthdays stand for. While I often receive during my birthday month, I want to take the month of May and use it as a time to GIVE.

So, from May 1 through May 31, I would like to give a bottle of Thieves Spray to everyone who signs up with a Premium Starter Kit through me. We love this stuff because it is alcohol and chemical free! It has a Peppermint and Cinnamon smell and not only can you use this on door handles and shopping carts, but we love using it to keep away sore throats! It is strong, so make sure you use it on yourself before you try it with your kiddos!

The Premium Starter Kit comes with 10 Everyday oils, an ultra-sonic Home Diffuser (worth $75 wholesale), samples of their delicious Ningxia Wolferry drink (crazy high in anti-oxidants), several oil sample packets, and a bonus oil of Citrus Fresh for only $150! The Premium Starter Kit is Young Living’s most popular and best value to get started with essential oils. Plus you become a wholesale member and get 24% off retail value.

When I first started, I desired to build my business on a foundation of generosity. I have always and will continue to gift an Essential Oils Reference Guide to everyone that signs up with the Premium Starter Kit through my link (retails $24.95 plus shipping and tax)! This book is an amazing resource for anyone using essential oils, since you can even look up specific illnesses and find the best oils to address them.

You can purchase your Young Living Premium Starter Kit Here.