An Audio Essential Oils 101 Class

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This informational lecture on the basics of essential oils by aromatherapist Sarah Harnisch is a must listen to! This is the basics to begin living a chemical FREE lifestyle! Let me know if you have any questions.     If you would like to purchase the Young Living Premium Starter kit and get these awesome oils and home diffuser, go here and use my member # 1978088. To help you learn to use your oils, I will send  great reference material to anyone that signs up for Young Living through my link! These materials are an amazing resource for anyone wanting to live a life of health and wellness!

Young Living Silver Retreat – Farm Day

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I was invited to Young Living’s Silver Retreat in Salt Lake City, Utah this past weekend. All expenses paid: flight, hotel, transportation on the ground, food, and tons of FREE oils and swag. The generosity and humility this company continues to show their members and the world blows my mind. The purity and authenticity shows in their products and their business practice. I also appreciate Gary Young, the founder and former CEO of Young Living. At his core, Gary Young, is a farmer and because of this handed over the CEO title and responsibilities to his wife, Mary Young. YL is the largest women run (CEO) company in Utah and one of the largest in the United States. This has freed … Read More

August Newsletter

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AUGUST PROMO Every month, Young Living gives away oils, products, and even vouchers for FREE. The monthly promotions are available for both retail and wholesale members who reach the minimum PV levels in a single order. When you reach these levels, you earn the FREE products listed in the graphic! August may still feel like summer, but the return of school is fast approaching! That’s why YL is putting together a bundle of FREE products to help you make the most of those sunny days before school begins. So while you’re out stocking up on the essentials for the classroom, be sure you remember to stock up on these essential oil-infused favorites as well! During the month of August, with … Read More

Dude & Oils – BJ

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I started a series titled “Dudes & Oils” on January 5th, because I feel there is a misconception around essential oils. I believe many men hear “essential oils” and totally check out, assuming they’re just for women! But men use essential oils as well! I sought out some mighty great men to interview about their journey into using essential oils. If you have a guy in your life who is hesitant to start using oils, have them read these! It just might help them get over the hump, whatever it may be. Previous interviews: Josiah Randy Jared Ron Today is my fifth interview. Alli Bryant is a dear friend and a business builder in The Oil Aisle. Her husband, BJ, … Read More

Wellness Wednesday: Emotional Health & Wellness

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Emotional Health & Wellness is this weeks topic for our Wellness Wednesday series. Week 1: Wellness Wednesday: Removing Toxins From Our Homes, by my dear friend Sarah, of Renaissance Mama. Week 2: Wellness Wednesday: Exercise & Movement, by my generational twin, Steph Penington. Week 3: Wellness Wednesday: Food & Gathering, by my very talented YWAM friend Bethany Reid, of CommunityEats. This week, Denise Legg, of Hope & Wellness Omaha, is sharing on Emotional Health & Wellness. Denise graduated from Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner and Licensed Professional Counselor. Her experience includes over a decade in ministry and leadership in a faith-based organization, in-home … Read More

Oily Tip Tuesday: Lemon

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Young Living offers over 70 single oils and 70 oil blends. That is a lot to choose from! So they have picked 11 of those oils to bundle together and sell at a huge discount in the Premium Starter Kit! Let’s discuss Lemon during week three’s Oily Tip Tuesday. Young Living’s Lemon is cold pressed from the rind of the lemon, where the vitamins & nutrients are. Not from the pulpy acidic juice, therefore no acidic effect which is hard on stomach and teeth enamel. It takes 43 lemon rinds to cold press 1 bottle of lemon oil and has been widely used in skin care throughout history. It is also known to help improve mental accuracy and concentration. USES: … Read More