Day 12: Essential Oil Basics

Lindsay GrimesOils, Premium Starter Kit

Get the Most from Your Membership!

Do you love getting the best deal when you shop? Me too! Young Living has a monthly box program called Essential Rewards that helps you get the most from your membership!

It’s kind of like a credit card rewards program but FAR more generous. Essential Rewards gives you points back for each month’s purchase. For the first 3 months, you get back 10% of your order PV. During months 4 through 24, you earn 20% back. For months 25 and beyond, you get back 25%! You can redeem these points just like dollars on the Young Living website. They spend point for dollar! I’ve never seen a rewards program that’s so generous!

With some monthly box programs, you get the Mystery Box of the Month — whatever happens to be in it. Not with Essential Rewards! You get to choose whatever fits your needs and goals. You also choose which day of the month your order processes. You’re in charge!

When you join Essential Rewards, you agree to purchase at least 50PV worth of products each month. Pack your box with oils, supplements, makeup, personal care products, home cleaners… whatever you choose! You can cancel at any time by calling Member Services. No hassle. No arm twisting.

Essential Rewards is totally optional, but it can help you take baby steps (or giant leaps!) closer to your goals each month!

If you would like to purchase the Young Living Premium Starter kit and get these awesome oils and home diffuser, go here and use my member # 1978088. To help you learn to use your oils, I will send  great reference material to anyone that signs up for Young Living through my link! These materials are an amazing resource for anyone wanting to live a life of health and wellness!