Day 3: 5-Day Cleanse

Lindsay GrimesCleanse

The first part is from last night.

I’m not sure if that 2 ounce Ningxia Red shot at 10 o’clock at night was the best idea.
It’s now 11:24 p.m. And I’m just walking up the stairs to bed.
I did get some photo projects started but I really need the sleep more.
I really want to build a tiny house.
I’m only slightly hungry as I lay down.
It’s still night time.
Have I mentioned how much I love food?
Like love.

8:36 a.m. Digest & Cleanse with 8 oz glass of water
9:12 a.m. 1 scoop Balance Complete, 1 scoop Pure Protein Chocolate Powder with 8oz water
9:49 2 oz Ningxia Red
11:16 a.m. 1 apple
12:05 p.m. Digest & Cleanse with 8 oz glass of water
12:44 p.m. 2 scoops Balance Complete with 8 oz water
1:50 p.m. 4 oz Ningxia Red
3:01 p.m. 1 cup cucumber
4:29 p.m. Digest & Cleanse with 8 oz glass of water
5:47 p.m. 2 scoops Balance Complete with 8 oz water
8:55 p.m. Miso Soup

I went to the hospital to visit my aunt tonight at 6:15 p.m. so I wasn’t able to eat my yummy dinner snack until later. I mean I don’t want to beat this point in, but for me, that Miso soup is just the best. It’s warm, it has flavor and honestly it’s what I look forward to each day. I know it sounds hilarious. I look forward to 1 cup of Miso Soup.

After last night’s 10 p.m. Ningxia Red shot, I decided not to take the Ningxia Red. I thought about throwing in a pouch of Ningxia Red into my purse, and I should have. I should just always carry one, just in case.

Two more days left. I know I can totally do it. I just really want to eat. The thought of doing this cleanse again in January doesn’t make me super excited… So we will see. I’ll probably do it because I won’t be doing it alone, but with others. So that will help. But still, the thought… Well I’m just not going to think about that yet.

My body is definitely getting rid of the filth inside me (if you know what I mean).
So that’s disgusting, but kind of cool at the same time.
Emotionally, I’m doing well!