Day 4: Essential Oil Basics

Lindsay GrimesOils, Premium Starter Kit

Let’s kick things off with two of Young Living’s most popular oils!

– Lavender –

If you’re heading out into the woods, you want your Swiss Army Knife with you. If you’re heading out into LIFE, you want your Lavender!

Lavender is called The Swiss Army Knife of oils because it’s SO versatile!

Lavender can soothe your skin and help balance your emotions.

I love to unwind at night by adding a cup of Epsom salts and 4-5 drops of oil to a warm bath. Ahhhhh! Spritz your pillow with distilled water and Lavender mixed in a spray bottle to help carry you off to Dreamland! Sometimes we diffuse it to help everyone (including our dogs!) calm down a few notches.

– Frankincense –

I think the Wise Men were onto something when they brought Frankincense to Jesus. Seriously… They couldn’t have chosen a more valuable AND practical gift!

From grounding to emotional support to skincare, Frankincense is a powerhouse!

Need to collect your thoughts? Diffuse or inhale Frankincense.

Want to keep your skin looking radiant and smooth? Grab your Frankincense. Add it to your lotion or night cream to highlight your natural beauty. Or just it all by itself. It’s gentle enough to do just that!

Don’t forget Frankincense during your post-workout massage.

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