Day 5: Essential Oil Basics

Lindsay GrimesOils, Premium Starter Kit

Yesterday we talked about single plants – Lavender & Frankincense. But blending oils together for a specific purpose can work some serious magic!

– Purification –

Purification is your secret weapon for all things STINKY! It replaces toxin-laden air fresheners and keeps your home smelling fresh. We diffuse it when someone burns dinner, popcorn, or anything else that might trigger the smoke alarm. We also have a spray bottle of Purification and distilled water to use as an air freshener. I love that it actually eliminates odors instead of just covering them up.

Purification is also a lifesaver in the laundry. I’m sure I’m the only one who forgets to take clothes out of the washing machine and has to rewash them (sometimes several times), right? When that happens, I add a couple of drops of Purification to the laundry soap. It gets rid of that after-5th-grade-camp smell and keeps the clothes (and the washing machine) smelling fresh! We also add a couple of drops to wool dryer balls instead of scented dryer sheets.

Purification also helps moisturize the skin and improve the appearance of healthy-looking skin. You can apply it directly to your skin as needed. I used it (along with Frankincense and Lavender) in a DIY toner for myself and my tween daughter!

Heading out to enjoy a summer evening? Put on a little Purification to enjoy the outdoors annoyance-free. Pro tip: Mix Purification with distilled water in a spray bottle, and spritz the whole family!

– PanAway –

Take me away, PanAway! This blend of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove & Peppermint is your BFF after exercise or after sitting too long at your desk or in the car. Rub some on your neck or back – anywhere! – for a little soothing.

Need to apply PanAway to a larger area? Add it to a carrier oil to stretch it even further.


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