Day 6: Essential Oil Basics

Lindsay GrimesOils, Premium Starter Kit

– R.C. –

Do you adore eucalyptus? R.C. is a blend of three different types PLUS other powerful oils! Diffuse or apply it before, during, or after a workout to help you stay motivated and energized.

R.C. is a fabulous oil for massage too! Combine it with V-6 Vegetable Oil, and you’re in for an invigorating, spa-like experience. Or mix a few drops of R.C. into a warm Epsom salt bath to calm as the oil diffuses in the steam.

We even make our own chest rub with R.C.! So soothing during those ❄ winter ❄ months!

– Stress Away –

Ahhhhh Stress Away! The name says it all! This Lime-Vanilla blend has a citrusy scent that is relaxing and comforting.

Long day at work? Soak it away with Epsom salts and Stress Away in a warm bath.

Kids stressing about a school project? Apply Stress Away to the wrists and back of neck before they head off for school!

Or diffuse Stress Away for a little calming before bedtime.

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