DIY All Natural Play Dough

Lindsay GrimesDIY

It is raining today, and Carsen and I can get cabin fever when we stay inside. So this morning we made all natural oil-infused play dough! It was a fun, easy, kid-friendly DIY… Although Carsen still didn’t love getting his hands dirty. He cracks me up!

You can make this play dough with just two ingredients, but if you want to add color there is a third. Grab those littles, a mixing bowl and get ready for some really soft, relaxed smelling dough that could keep your kids busy for hours… Or if you have a toddler like me, minutes 🙂

Carsen_Play_DoughWhat You Need:
– 2 cups Arrowroot Powder (you can use cornstarch)
– 1 cup of Young Living’s Lavender Body Lotion (the recipe I read said Lavender Conditioner or KidScents Lotion)
Natural Food Dye (I had this left over from Carsen’s birthday cake)

How to Make Your All Natural Oil-infused Play Dough:
– Place the Arrowroot Powder in a large mixing bowl.
– Mix the Lavender Body Lotion with clean hands until it holds together and becomes smooth.
– Add more Arrowroot to adjust the consistency as needed (I ended up adding more Arrowroot).
– Divide play dough and add the all natural food dye (I added more Arrowroot during this step as well since the food dye made the dough moist again).
– Have fun!
– Store in air tight container when not in use.

If you end up making this, please leave a comment and let us know how you like it!

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