DIY Deodorant

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I’ve wanted to make my own deodorant for a long time, but never got around to it. I was too tired, too lazy, not enough time, chasing a 17 month old, didn’t have all the ingredients… the list could go on. But after I talked with my friend, Steph, on the phone the other day I decided to take the plunge. Now, let me say… I need quick and easy (giggle). I don’t have much time in the day to be mixing ingredients and being Betty the crunky homemaker. So my “recipes” aren’t complex. This DIY Deodorant is one I’ve seen many places. There are definitely recipes with more ingredients that are probably great (maybe even better because they use Shea Butter?), but after some research, this seems to be a pretty common one. OK, are you ready? No really, get out your pen and write this down so you can remember.

– Baking Soda (I used your regular old school kind, but you can try this natural baking soda)
– Arrowroot powder (I just bought the Red Mill brand at Whole Foods, but you can also try this organic arrowroot powder)
– Coconut Oil (I was given the Kirkland brand from Costco, but you can use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil)
– Young Living Essential Oil (I used Purification, but you could use Lavender, or maybe Cedarwood for a man)
*Please note: Our skin is the largest organ in our body and absorbs up to 90% of what’s placed on our skin. I only want to put pure, unadulterated, authentic oils in my skin, so I only use Young Living essential oils.


1. Mix equal parts of the Baking Soda and Arrowroot powder together
2. Add enough coconut oil to make it into a paste (I add more in the winter time, as coconut oil can  harden)
3. Add desired drops of Young Living essential oil.
4. Mix together with a spatula
5. Use fingers to apply


If you are nervous, then make a small batch like I did.
I did 1/8 cup of the Baking Soda and 1/8 cup of the Arrowroot. Enough coconut oil to make it a paste and then 5 drops of Purification. It made less that 4oz.

*Some people find that their skin reacts to the Baking Soda. If that’s the case, use less Baking Soda and see if that helps.

I hope you like it, if not keep searching for the recipe that suites you.

If you think I’m crazy for making my own deodorant, but want to have natural deodorant (because who really wants to be rolling chemicals into our armpits?) check out my good friend, Jennifer’s, site, Picket + Oak. Her Armpit Armor is top notch! I have just a little left, which is why I decided to branch out and make my own.

Jennifer is the one who told me you don’t want an antiperspirant because you want your body to actually release the harmful toxins. She is seriously smart and knowledgeable in all things natural.

Have fun exploring the deodorant possibilities!

Please leave a comment if you try this recipe.
Or if you have used another recipe please share with us!