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Lindsay GrimesDudes & Oils

I am starting a series titled “Dudes & Oils” because I feel there is a misconception around essential oils. I believe many men hear “essential oils” and totally check out, assuming they’re just for women!

But men use essential oils as well!

I sought out some mighty great men to interview about their journey into using essential oils. If you have a guy in your life who is hesitant to start using oils, have them read these! It just might help them get over the hump, whatever it may be.

Today, I am sharing my interview with Josiah Campbell. I met Josiah and his wife, Cindy, at the 2015 Young Living Convention. Cindy is a part of the  leadership within my upline and I had the privilege of having some great conversations with them during my time in Texas.

CampbellsBio: Born and raised in Texas my whole life. Oldest of 6 kids, 4 brothers and 1 sister, which means I have a lot of nephews and nieces now! Was homeschooled, an avid Boy Scout and reached the rank of Eagle. Went to Texas A&M, Class of ’03, WHOOP! Married my life long crush in 2008 and we now have 3 kiddos of our own, 2 girls and a fat baby boy. We live in a northern suburb of Fort Worth and attend Gateway Church. I’ve worked in the finance industry since college and in the mortgage sector for over a decade. My hobbies include hiking, running, camping, hockey and reading. My favorite foods are BBQ, almost all curry dishes, sushi, tex-mex, popcorn and anything that pairs with the Taste of Italy blend. Seriously, that stuff kicks every Italian dish into a new echelon of amazing.

1. When did you start using essential oils?
My wife, Cindy, signed up early 2012, right after I had started at Citibank. Our insurance premiums were higher, coverage lower and I was bringing home less every month. I was little cautious with the oils due to the initial cost and potential new monthly cost. However, Cindy was hopeful that essential oils were the missing component to our natural wellness regimen. We diverted our family’s path from the conventional a couple years prior and had tried several routes. We even tried being vegan for several months! Thankful to have meat back in our diet, but we try our darndest to only buy from local farmers who give their animals the respect and care they deserve.

2. What convinced you that you would use these oily products for the long haul?
It was multi-faceted actually, several little and some big events in which the oils proved themselves over that first year we were using oils. I was quick to use them with the kids, especially the sleep supporting oils in their diffuser. The stuff worked and smelled oh so much better than the stale, undercurrent of dried urine in their room. I’ve got a strong schnozz, so from the beginning I truly enjoyed the breadth of the various oils scents. We’ve certainly amassed several testimonies of the oils over the last 4 years. From Purification revolutionizing the atmosphere of a super stanky, clunker, commuter car we bought for a couple grand. To the fantastic revitalizing massage oils for use after exercise and strenuous work. So many times we’ve used the oils to stand in the gap where our other traditional products have failed. As a guy I want simple, and the oils are simple to understand and apply yet tremendously complex and intelligent. The incredible supplements, superb hygiene products and the Thieves household line are all a huge scoop of ice cream on top of a wonderful slice of wellness that Young Living has provided my family.

3. Why is it important that you use these products over other products found in stores?
A huge part of the wellness journey in our experience has been to take a hard look at what is going into our bodies day after day. What is going in, where and how? Everything from your mouth, to skin, to hair, to nose. Our bodies are amazing and designed to grow, repair and defend. What we subject our body to will ultimately shorten or lengthen our time on this beautiful planet with our loved ones. Like I mentioned before, we don’t buy the “Yard o’ Beef” tube at the store, we buy grass-fed, grass-finished beef from local farms. Yes, it’s more expensive which means we eat much less meat than maybe our budget could buy otherwise. But we care deeply what we are eating and what our money is voting for in the market. Caveat, I’m using this as an analogy and mean no ill-will to any of who buy differently. I’m the oldest of six, five of us boys, “Yard o’ Beef” holds an endeared place in my heart along with the 3lb. can of Peter Pan Peanut Butter. But, given the choice now, my family has decided and budgeted to buy only the best where we can in regards to our food.

This same value carries over to our choice to use Young Living products. From the beginning YL set themselves apart as the quality and industry leader in essential oils. Our last four years have solidified that truth all the more as we’ve toured the farms, attended conventions, symposiums and the host of other events and classes. I’m thankful that essential oils have become so popular and I love meeting others who use oils and are engaged in the oily life.

11873749_10155900352190573_7963456425932310371_nBut I also must express why the quality matters. Synthetics and short-cuts in the distillation process are not worth the cost differential at the counter. Oils are powerful and engineered by nature to reach every cell of your body, so the company you buy from should take their process as serious as humanly possible. D. Gary Young is serious, has been for well over 20 years and the entire company is too. They are serious about the purpose of bringing essential oils to every home, not for a profit or to become a big company. But because they believe pure essential oils that have been meticulously cultivated, distilled and inspected with utmost care are indeed life changing. I want the best, not something burped out of a factory or meddled with or simply not given the amount of care and testing I have come to expect with YL. Go to a farm, see the process, talk with the workers, chat with D. Gary Young and Mary, tour the distribution center. Everything speaks in resounding unison that this company puts a tremendous amount of energy and attention into providing the very best essential oils. Their decisions are not made by dollars but by dedication to their mission.

Check out www.seedtoseal.com

4. What is your favorite Young Living product and why?
My favorite at the moment is Northern Lights Black Spruce. All of the conifer oils are tops for me actually. Valor and Sacred Mountain are some of my favorite blends because of their conifer oils. A lot of it has to with my love of the outdoors and how close I feel to God in the mountains or near a stream or river lined with trees. Also, almost every Zyto scan I take will list a conifer oil or a blend that has one. Plus, the vibrant, earthy smells always put me in a good mood for the day. I think they mix well with a lot of other oils for diffusing, try one of the Spruce oils with Frankincense, its greatness! Another one I go to quite regularly is StressAway, I put it over my liver and stomach because frankly, that’s where I experience its affects the quickest. When I’m stressed my stomach can feel in knots and I can want to stress eat. StressAway helps all of that dissipate and allow me to focus on the right path forward.

Because Josiah’s wife, Cindy, is working the business side of Young Living, I ask Josiah one more questions.

5. What was your catalyst for jumping into the business side of YL?
From day one, Cindy was adamant to get everyone in her close circle of friends and family signed up and actively using oils. Not for any monetary reasons, purely for wellness reasons. There are few things I’ve seen her so excited by, our wedding day, two pink lines, vacations on the beach, finding YL oils. It’s a particular gleam in her eyes and rhythm to her tone. For me, as a guy, it’s hard to compare the same excitement for a product, maybe a spread of BBQ with all the right sides. But that’s not going to support anything other than a nap afterwards, certainly not longevity and wellness. After getting most of her circle signed up, she also had a couple ladies strategically stacked under her by her sponsor. This created momentum and she started seeing the real possibility to have her oils paid for by the “thank you checks” she was receiving every month. She pitched it to me to start teaching more intro classes and facilitating classes for others on her team. I was excited she had something to pursue and grow with outside of the barrage of household chores and mothering little ones. She’s a great housewife and mother, but she’s so much more too and was a highly respected nurse before coming home, so this seemed a great fit. Work from home and get paid enough to buy oils and maybe even enough for more throw pillows. It wasn’t until the Income Disclosure Statement for 2013 was released in April of 2014 that the light turned on for me. It was eye opening to see the actual numbers that were possible simply by sharing the oils more and equipping others to do the same.

It hasn’t been the easiest road building the business, there is a lot of stress, disappointment and challenges that come with any business model. I still work at Citibank fulltime and help where I can with the business and supporting Cindy. We are Gold level now, working toward Platinum and are both very excited with the opportunity the business income is creating for me to walk away from corporate America! I am so thankful for my career and have enjoyed the finance industry for over a decade, but being able to pour my energy and experience directly into our team is a huge incentive. Working alongside my wife for a company we both greatly admire all the while restoring a better work-life balance is a goal we are both working hard toward. As the saying goes, you can build your dreams or be hired to build someone else’s. I am tremendously grateful for every day I spent working at Bear Stearns, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan and Citibank, but MY dream is to work directly for my family and my Young Living team! 

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