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Lindsay GrimesDudes & Oils

I started a blog series titled “Dudes & Oils” last Tuesday. I feel there is a misconception around essential oils. I believe many men hear “essential oils” and totally check out, assuming they’re just for women!

But men use essential oils as well!

I sought out some mighty great men to interview about their journey into using essential oils. If you have a guy in your life who is hesitant to start using oils, have them read these! It just might help them get over the hump, whatever it may be.

Previous interviews:

This week, I interviewed Randy Andrews. I briefly met Randy at the 2015 YL Convention when I road with his wife, Mardi – a new crossline friend, to an Oily Families luncheon (if you’ve never been to a Young Living Convention, GO! You meet some pretty great people!) Randy was actually sick at the convention. They found out the following week that he has an autoimmune that is attacking his thyroid and leaky gut. They completely changed their diet and supplements and he’s consistently improving. All holistic.

12511961_10205953591822457_432023325_nBio: Randy is a 53 year old HOT MALE (he said to write that)!!! He is a Petroleum Geologist for 32 years and is also a licensed EMT. He got his EMT certification to do medical mission work in Haiti. He has been married to Mardi for 30 years this May and has 4 kids and 2.5 grandkids (one due in May).

1. When did you start using essential oils?
I started using oils sporadically when my wife started in 2013 but much more intentionally last May.

2. What convinced you that you would use these oily products for the long haul?
After taking certain oils and being able to eliminate many OTC and pharmacuetical meds, plus feeling better, I decided that this was the real deal. I now have a regular daily routine with oils and YL products.

In the morning I uses Thieves toothpaste, mouthwash, Lavender Lotion, Valor soap, occasionally Lavender Mint shampoo. In a capsule I take Helicrysium, Lavender, Myrtle and whatever else I scanned for recently. I drink a blast every morning with Pure Protein 5 and fruits and vegetables. Ningxia Red every day. We diffuse throughout the day in our offices and throughout the night Cedarwood, Lavender and others. We use Thieves cleaners and detergent for everything. And I’ve been using Shutran on my big toes lately.

3. Why is it important that you use these products over other products found in stores?
The oils I use *in my opinion* get to the root of the problem better and make me feel better. Plus, over the past year, we’ve learned a lot about how chemicals and synthetics can be harmful, and we’re making efforts to reduce our chemical load as much as possible throughout our home and daily living. Young Living products like Thieves detergent, Thieves cleaner, Thieves toothpaste, mouthwash, various soaps and lotions (I like a lot of different ones), etc.

4. What is your favorite Young Living product and why?
My favorite thing is a tie between Thieves and Lavendar essential oil. Thieves has helped me get above the wellness line so many times. It’s tried and true. And lavender is my daily go-to for allergies.

5. What was your catalyst for jumping into the business side of YL?
My catalyst for jumping into the business side of YL is my grandson, Hayes. Everything we raise goes toward his medical bills. He has seizures and other brain challenges and he’s also blind. Going to convention really sealed the deal as far as my believing it is possible to be very successful in Young Living. We are all in now!!

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