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Lindsay GrimesDudes & Oils

I started a series titled “Dudes & Oils” on January 5th, because I feel there is a misconception around essential oils. I believe many men hear “essential oils” and totally check out, assuming they’re just for women!

But men use essential oils as well!

I sought out some mighty great men to interview about their journey into using essential oils. If you have a guy in your life who is hesitant to start using oils, have them read these! It just might help them get over the hump, whatever it may be.

Previous interviews:

10549258_892493317451455_3879965390687729918_oToday, I’m sharing my interview with Ron Tucker. Ron is a part of The Oil Aisle and has become a friend through Facebook. Ron didn’t just walk into The Oil Aisle, he ran. He started on Essential Rewards right away because he knew Young Living’s oils was what their family needed.

Bio: I’m a 39 year old Flooring Contractor. Happily married with three kids.

1. When did you start using essential oils?

2. What convinced you that you would use these oily products for the long haul?
The health benefits. We really started getting into oils after my middle daughter was diagnosed with P.A.N.D.A.S. We don’t like struggling immune systems around here so we use Copaiba, Oregano, Thieves to help maintain our health.

3. Why is it important that you use these products over other products found in stores?
Seed to seal / potency / variety and blends. I use Young Living over other products because it’s safer and for my money it’s more pure and more potent. Plus it’s the only place I get blends like Valor and Thieves. dT Frankincense is garbage compared to YL.

4. What is your favorite Young Living product and why?
VALOR. It doesn’t smell girly. I also use Lavender in Epsom salt bath to relieve back pain. Peace and Calming and Stressaway aren’t bad either.

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