Dudes & Oils – Randy

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I started a blog series titled “Dudes & Oils” last Tuesday. I feel there is a misconception around essential oils. I believe many men hear “essential oils” and totally check out, assuming they’re just for women! But men use essential oils as well! I sought out some mighty great men to interview about their journey into using essential oils. If you have a guy in your life who is hesitant to start using oils, have them read these! It just might help them get over the hump, whatever it may be. Previous interviews: Josiah This week, I interviewed Randy Andrews. I briefly met Randy at the 2015 YL Convention when I road with his wife, Mardi – a new crossline … Read More

DIY Non-Toxic Scrub Cleaner

Lindsay GrimesDIY

I started using Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner when I signed up for my Premium Starter Kit, because I won it in a raffle at my class. I loved it from the get go! The smell. The non toxic/chemical free. The versatility. Then I began to learn the awesomeness of baking soda. I use it in my deodorant, in my homemade laundry detergent, etc. The list continues to grow. One day, I decided to mix the Thieves Household Cleaner with Baking Soda to make a scrub for a stain in the kitchen sink. It worked wonders! The great thing about this DIY is you really can’t mess it up. These measurements are just a guideline, mix what feels good and … Read More

DIY: Laundry Soap

Lindsay GrimesDIY, Oils

Young Living just came out with an amazing Thieves Laundry Soap that I have and love. I keep it around in case I run out of my all natural homemade laundry detergent. Most of my DIY recipes are easy and my laundry detergent is no different! That’s right, my natural DIY Laundry detergent recipe is S-I-M-P-L-E. Only three ingredients, and it will last you for a very long time! I’m trying to make this doable for y’all! I got this recipe from my friend Jeannette, and have been using it since we returned to the states at the end of May 2014. I hadn’t started using essential oils yet, but knew I wanted to start making changes in my life … Read More

A Month of Celebration and Giving!

Lindsay GrimesOils, Premium Starter Kit

May is a month of celebration in our family. It’s Carsen’s birthday (May 11th), our wedding anniversary (May 11th), and my birthday (May 22nd). I love the celebration of Life and everything that birthdays stand for. While I often receive during my birthday month, I want to take the month of May and use it as a time to GIVE. So, from May 1 through May 31, I would like to give a bottle of Thieves Spray to everyone who signs up with a Premium Starter Kit through me. We love this stuff because it is alcohol and chemical free! It has a Peppermint and Cinnamon smell and not only can you use this on door handles and shopping carts, … Read More

Elderberry Syrup

Lindsay GrimesDIY, Oils

Elderberry Syrup is a must-have preventative to keep on hand during the winter season, especially for littles. Since I’m working my way to “Crunchy” status, I decided I didn’t want to buy Elderberry Syrup from the store. After some research, I found a recipe that used Young Living essential oils that I have tweaked here and there to make it to our liking. This powerful concoction can help boost the immune system and keep sick days to a minimum. Elderberries are rich in vitamins A, B, C and are a traditional remedy used for hundreds of years. They are known to have high antioxidant activity and the bioflavonoids and other proteins in the juice of the berry destroy the ability of … Read More

The Next 10 YL Products

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I’ve been an oily momma for about eight months. We use oils everyday to prevent illness, get better quicker, help emotional stability, and to boost our immune systems. They are a part of our everyday routine, and Carsen always sits while I put them on lets me put them on him. I LOVE my Premium Starter Kit because I have used nearly each of the 11 oils daily and have seen great results! There are a lot of oils in the world though, so I wanted to branch out and try others. The following are some of my favorite Young Living oils and products outside of their Premium Starter Kit. 1. Oregano This oil may make you smell like a … Read More

10 Reasons Why We Love Our Home Diffusers!

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Fragrance is the substance of memories. THE SCIENCE PART: Research shows that when inhaling the pure constituents in these essential oils, it can stimulate the olfactory receptors and activate regions in the brain’s limbic system associated with memory, emotion, and state of mind. Hence, in less than a second, a scent has the power to activate a number of physical and emotional responses. This causes the pituitary gland to be stimulated and release chemical messages that travel via the blood to your glands and organs that create physical body responses. That is why inhaling the oils can have a great affect on emotions. The nose is the only way to reach that part of your brain. Guess what? Harsh chemical … Read More