The Oil Aisle Proudly Presents…

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Carsen – The Oil Aisle Kid!

For the last three years Carsen has watched me teach oil classes to my friends, family, and people I only just met. He has also used essential oils and oil-infused products since he was 15 months old.

He loves his oils and loves sharing his oils with others.

Last week, in Colorado, Carsen told me he would like to start teaching oil classes to his friends. He also said he would like to make videos of himself talking about oils.

Today he asked again, so we decided to go for it. Everything said were his words (I helped him be FDA compliant – i.e. respiratory system) and how he feels about the oils. I simply videoed and asked him questions to prompt his thoughts.

I hope you enjoy, and let us know if you would like Carsen to talk about anything in particular.

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