Wellness Wednesday: Exercise & Movement

Lindsay GrimesWellness Wednesday

This is number two in a series on how to live and maintain a life of health and wellness.

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Today we will hear from my generational twin, Steph Penington, about exercise being an integral part of our health and wellness.

Steph has a double Bachelors in Human Development & The Family and Therapeutic Recreation. She is a certified personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and recognized mat Pilates instructor. She is a wife to Doug, a mom to a recent high school graduate and a Junior, and worshipper of Jesus.

What do feeling alive and exercise have to do with each other?

When was the last time you felt alive?

Maybe you have never thought about it before.

Now, what kind of thoughts go through your mind when you hear or read the word ‘exercise’?

My guess is that a small group of people get excited, some feel discouraged and the vast majority feel guilty.

When you put these two conversations together, in the context of wellness, they walk on the same path. Wellness encompasses all aspects of our lives. We are whole human beings: mind, body, soul and spirit. We need both our bodies and our souls to be healthy and alive in ways that truly matter.

16988_10153516793691209_4164599863006273543_nI believe forcing the body to get to the gym and exercise doesn’t do our “wellness” any good.
In fact, I’d like to challenge the word exercise and invite a shift to the word movement.
And maybe even more importantly, I’d like us to talk about finding a movement that you enjoy.

Dare I say, movement that makes you feel alive?

There are so many levels of movement, from occasional recreation to highly competitive sports.  Enjoyment of these different levels is as varied as your imagination. I enjoy riding my bicycle for fun, for a challenging movement and to feel alive. When I exert my physical body I feel empowered, I am spurred on to be better, and better in my choices of health and wellness.  All because I engage in an activity that I enjoy.

I painted broad strokes, but I encourage you to stay in the discussion of movement as opposed to exercise. I challenge you to find a movement you enjoy, because it will help shape your days and motivate you to be your best. I invite you to find that movement that makes you feel alive, because the exhilaration of being fully present and expressing yourself is a celebration of who you are.

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3. Ortho Sport Massage Oil
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You can connect with Steph on the Kennedy Fitness web site.

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