Wellness Wednesday: Food & Gathering

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I don’t know about you, but I am in LOVE these Wellness Wednesday posts from our guest bloggers! I am learning so much about living a well round life of health and wellness.

Today is number three in a series on how to live and maintain a life of health and wellness.

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My fellow YWAMer friend, Bethany Reid, of CommunityEats, will share with us about the importance of food and the connections we make while we eat in our journey to a lifestyle of health and wellness.

Bethany is an artist, cook, Crossfit-er and people lover. She teaches Fashion Illustration at Apparel Arts in San Francisco and does freelance work that includes chalkboards, drawings and other fun art projects. She is the founder and Creative Director of the fabulous CommunityEats. I first met Bethany in Kona, Hawaii and later our families lived a short stint together in Cape Town, South Africa. She is full of Life, fun and beauty.

gatherpicI’ve heard it said that those that drink a glass of red wine every day live longer.

I’m not sure it’s just the wine that keeps them living, wine isn’t that magical! I think what actually keeps you living longer is that when you have a glass of gorgeous red wine you sit, you smell, you sip, and you converse. You stop for a moment to take in life. You live well for a few moments, stepping away from busy, from obligation, from striving.

I have found that food is one way we can build in daily moments to care for ourselves. As a Mamma to three very busy boys, I think about food ALL DAY LONG! Whether it’s snacks between sports, a nutritious breakfast to fuel our day, or making sure I get enough veggies so I’m not reaching for another coffee mid-afternoon… food is a really important thing in our world. And essential to our emotional and physical well being…As it is for all of us actually!

When I think of the importance of food I think of two things: WHAT I eat, and HOW I will eat it.

the WHAT:

My journey to eating well began as a teenager, motivated to look good. Fifteen years later, I’m still seeking out the best way to eat, but now because I want to feel amazing and have energy to keep up with life!

Here’s my basic approach to eating now:
Eat fresh, whole foods. Nix the processed products like teddy grahams and frozen pizzas and bring in real foods with an ingredients list that you RECOGNIZE!
– Instead of what CAN’T I eat, think what CAN I eat. Aim to eat a full spectrum of color every day!
Choose Protein and Veggies over quick fix grains and pieces of fruit. You will get a longer lasting energy boost.

the HOW:

I crave beauty and create it any opportunity I can. With this in mind, I seek to make each mealtime a moment of connection for my family or a moment of rest if its just me eating. I love to bring flowers to the table, arranging food on the plates to look appetizing, and defiantly put away the technology! The conversations that happen around the table always boost our spirits and bring a connected ending to our often hectic days.

Here are some of the ways we make our table a special place to be:
– Put a little effort into making a dinner that is yummy. Everyone will WANT to be there! Lime Soup is one of my favorite recipes.
– Pose simple discussion questions to get people into talking about happy things… one of our favorites is traditionally posed by our middle boy, ‘So everybody, what was your highlight of the day?’.
– Turn off the technology, but do play a little pretty music in the background.

These are just some of the practical ways I’ve found help me find beauty in the living. For more recipes, articles, and practical ideas you can visit my blog www.communityeats.com.

There are many essential oils you can cook with! I have just started this beautiful new journey of incorporating essential oils into my food and it has been a new creative outlet.

A few ways I have used my oils:
– A drop of Peppermint essential oil in my vanilla ice cream.
– A drop of Lemon or Basil in my homemade salad dressing of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.
– A drop (or 2) of Cinnamon Bark in my gluten free pancake recipe
Lime in my guacamole
– A drop of any citrus oil in my water (Citrus Fresh, Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, Lime, Jade Lemon, etc.)
– A drop of Taste of Italy or Basil in my spaghetti sauce

This is just the beginning. There are so many more fun ways to use your oils to create healthy food options. Be sure to invite friends over and cook and gather together!

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